They say, it takes a village to grow a child. Yes, upbringing of children is not an easy task. It needs a lot of knowledge and skills of parenting in today’s everchanging world. With small family norms and urbanization, parents are always worried about their child’s growth and development. They want to give in their best but don’t know how to do that. Hence, here is an Institute, that looks after the holistic development of all children and adolescents, by systematically monitoring their growth and development, guiding in anticipation, addressing any problems and striving hard to bring out the best in each and every child.

With the ongoing scientific progress in obstetrics and perinatology, increasing numbers of high risk new borns like preterm babies and sick neonates, are being salvaged successfully. More and more number of them are merging into the society with each passing day. Approximately three among ten such survivors present later with varied developmental problems like developmental delays, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities etc. They stand out as different and difficult children with special needs. Many with subtle deficits go unnoticed until they manifest behavioural or academic issues as children or adolescents. Some remain undetected and carry themselves as underperforming adults. A handful of the survivors are destined to lead a pitiable dependent and unproductive life.

On the other end, changing fabric of the society and the emergence of the new materialistic culture is taking its toll on our budding young generation. A significant number of healthy looking children and teens are silently suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, addictions and even major psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. The alarming number of teen suicides is an awakening call for help by our young population which needs immediate attention

Our society, thus accommodates a spectrum of children and adolescents who have their special and specific needs. The onus of providing individualised care to each one of them primarily falls on us, the medical fraternity. It is a mammoth challenge and there is an abysmal dearth of professionals who are competent and willing to take up this Herculean task.

We, at Babylon's Newton Institute of Child and Development, are taking first steps in this direction. Rahat is a multidisciplinary Child Development Centre, one and only of its kind in Rajasthan that addresses the developmental, behavioural, psychological and academic problems catering from new borns to children and adolescents, all under one roof.

For this, we are geared up with a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals trained in various good centres in India and abroad. We have in our panel more than a dozen members including pediatric super specialists and pediatric rehabilitation paramedics. The centre is fully equipped with latest tools for evaluation and therapy.

The infrastructure is spread over a spacious child friendly and vibrant area that encompasses:

  • 1. Evaluation and consultation chambers
  • 2. Ophthalmology OPD
  • 3. Audiology centre with OAE, BERA machines,
  • 4. Complete Pediatric Physio therapy set up
  • 5. Sensory Integration room
  • 6. Neurodevelopmental therapy and SDL set up
  • 7. Applied behavioural therapy set up
  • 8. Developmental Tests like DASII
  • 9. Psychometric Tests like BKT, WISC, MISIC, NIMHANS battery, DBDA etc.
  • 10. Play therapy and other child friendly psychotherapy set up
  • 11. Special education centre affiliated to NIOS

Our services :

  • 1. Well Child and Well Adolescent Visits: These are the visits when the children are brought to the doctors to when there are no major issues. Growth and development monitoring, nutritional advise, vaccination advice, age appropriate anticipatory guidance are aimed at and their queries are addressed.
  • 2. Early identification and early intervention: A systematically scheduled neonatal follow up program is run for all the high risk new born babies from their discharge, till they attain the age of two years. It includes vision and hearing screening along with the neuro developmental assessments . The program aims at an early identification of the subtle problems before they are evident to the caretakers, and subsequently early intervention for their correction using multimodality treatments.
  • 3. Evaluation of children with developmental problems : Addressing the Paediatricians' and parents' concerns about growth and development through a thorough evaluation by the team of experts
  • 4. Evaluation of the behavioural and psychological problems: In depth psychological evaluation for children and adolescents with deviated behavioural and emotional patterns and identifying the problem areas.
  • 5. Evaluation of academic underperformance: Uncovering the neuro developmental or psychological problems for poor academics or falling grades by scientific evaluation of IQ, learning disabilities, different checklists and the like.
  • 6. Evaluation of children with speech problems including hearing impairments, receptive and/or expressive delays, articulating defects, stuttering , stammering etc
  • 7. Adolescent clinic: Run by an adolescent expert, this is a teen friendly place where adolescents can step in for any of their problems physical, pubertal, psychosocial, educational etc. Here, they can open up with any of their concerns, in full confidence and confidentiality. Workshops for adolescents and parents form an integral part of this clinic.
  • 8. Career guidance: Adolescents and young adults are evaluated for their interests and hidden abilities using psychometric tests. They are given assistance in choosing their career paths.
  • 9. Evaluation of children with congenital or acquired bone and joint deformities by a Pediatric orthopaedic surgeon
  • 10. Nutrition Clinic: This clinic, run by a qualified and experienced nutritionist helps parents in various issues regarding feeding and diet of their children. It addresses feeding difficulties, supplementary feeding concerns, underweight, obesity, micro nutrient deficiencies like anemia, allergic conditions like Celiac disease etc. The balanced diet plan, the feeding techniques and the special diets are designed for individual child and lactating mother
  • 11. Remedial Measures: Our centre is fully equipped and manned to address all the therapeutic interventions needs of the children and adolescents with special needs. A remedial plan of action is designed for every child depending on his strengths and weaknesses. A team of specialist doctors addresses the medical and surgical interventions. A multi-disciplinary team comprising of various therapists works in unison with them for the best outcome. The progress is evaluated periodically. The aim of the therapy is to bring out the best possible in the child and make his life harmonious and optimally fruitful.
  • 12. Parental counselling: Problems in children invoke a lot of disturbances in the parents and families. We extend our support by an empathetic approach and empower them by imparting knowledge about the problem and skills to ease it out. Additionally, they are helped with the information about various relevant government policies.
  • 13. Parenting sessions: Group and individual sessions for parents for their empowerment on various areas of typical and atypical growth and development of children and adolescents is an integral part of our services.
  • 14. Collaboration with schools: School is the most influential place for the children, next perhaps only to his family. Empowerment of teachers and school authorities on child development and the related problems makes them pick up these issues early, intervene and refer timely for professional help. We aim to streamline atypically growing children in inclusive schooling. The centre looks forward to sharing information about the child's problems and our suggestions and recommendations to the school authorities, so as to maximise the benefit to the child.