Capacity building programs are now considered as a crucial part for every sector. The main motive behind this program is to maintain and sustain various capabilities for achieving self development objectives. Following this, Babylon's Newton Icad, Jaipur organized CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING PROGRAM FOR TEACHERS at Me Myself school situated in Shyam Nagar on 7th September 2019. The session was especially organized for the Pre-Primary teachers of Me Myself School and was cunducted further by Dr. Swati Ghate ma’am, Head Babylon Newton Icad (Developmental pediatrician). This session was attended by almost 35 teachers belonging to diverse branches of school. Dr. Swati Ghate made the session informative as well as interesting for all. Besides this, the session was organised under the outreach activities of Babylon Newton Icad Jaipur. Our team heartily thanks Dr. Swati Ghate for sharing her knowledge on this platform and appreciate all the teachers who actively participated in the session.