Assessment and intervention of Behavioural Problems

An increasing number of children and adolescents are seen to manifest various problems in the areas of neurodevelopment and psychosocial health. They exhibit an array of behaviours which are difficult to identify and manage by the caretakers. In many instances, it is challenging to ascertain a causative factor for them.

Children with Neuro Developmental Disorders like Autism, ADHD, CP, Intellectual Disability, Hearing/Visual impairments etc. show delay in various developmental areas like motor functioning, cognition, social skills, formal learning, language and communication etc. An objective evaluation of these children for confirmation of the diagnosis is done by a clinical psychologist. The degree of severity of their problems is also evaluated. Accordingly, the doctors decide the interventions that best suit the child. Subsequently, the children are periodically evaluated to keep an eye on their progress to the therapeutic interventions.

Psychological issues like anger, aggression, defiance, non-compliance to parental requests, bullying, gadget overuse etc. are seen across all age groups of children and adolescents. Older children and adolescents additionally come up with psychiatric issues like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, psychosis etc. We carry out an in -depth evaluation of all such cases and offer therapeutic interventions. These interventions are in the form of play therapy, group therapy, counselling session, parental counselling etc. They are delivered by our trained and experienced psychologists and doctors.

Many children are not able to cope up with the academic demands and fail to achieve as per the parental expectations. Poor school performance could be long standing or recent onset and accordingly may have varied reasons. These include cognitive deficits, visual/hearing problems, attention deficit, learning disabilities, adjustment issues, poor motivation, domestic stress, psychopathologies like anxiety / depression etc. We undertake complete evaluation and find out the causes that hamper their studies. Accordingly, they are offered specific remedial measures by our team.

Making a career choice is one of the most important and yet equally confusing part of an adolescent. We conduct standardized aptitude and career counselling tests and help them take this important decision.

Counselling sessions and psychotherapy are the main therapeutic modalities for disturbed children and adolescents. We conduct individual as well as group sessions for children, adolescents, parents, teachers and doctors for their empowerment. Young children are helped with play and art therapy. Behavioral therapy is also an integral part of our team.