Well Adolescent Clinic

Adolescence is the age of rapid growth wherein dependent children grow on various domains to become independently functioning adults. Individuals falling in the age bracket of 9 to 19 years are called “Adolescents”. They have their own set of problems which neither a child specialist nor an adult physician is trained to address. Due to massive changes in their hormones, physique and psyche, these children are quite confused and worried. To add to the burden are the ever-growing problems modern social fabric like materialistic and individualistic culture, cut throat competition, nuclear families, high parental expectations, media exposure, substance abuse etc.

An empathetic adolescent health expert is the best person to help these children and their families. The various issues they face are regarding their physical health, psychosocial health, academic concerns, relationship issues, sexuality issues, risk taking behaviour etc.

In the physical health problems, anaemia, obesity and other nutritional issues, puberty disorders, menstrual disorders, acne, breast disorders, sleep problems, headache, are some of the common issues these children present with. Psychosocial issues are faced by one in every five adolescents. They could be parental conflicts, body image concerns, eating disorders, poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, gadget overuse and the like. Poor academic performance resulting out of school adjustment issues, attention deficit, learning disability, intellectual disability or psychological problems are common scenario.

We at Newton ICAD are well equipped to handle all these issues with our team of doctors and paramedics. We have a qualified Adolescent health Specialist, psychologist, counsellors, special educators and other specialists like endocrinologist, gynecologist, neurologist, etc. in our team.

School health is an integral part of Adolescent Health. We deliver our services on physical and mental health through school camps.

Every adolescent is advised a yearly visit for his growth monitoring, vaccination and the anticipatory guidance, which we carry out at Newton’s ICAD. Empowerment of pediatricians/parents/teachers is very crucial for optimum and stress- free development of adolescents. We conduct individual sessions workshops and courses for the empowering adolescents and their caretakers.