Fundamental for child development

We suggest an early intervention program preferably in the first three years of birth to find out development related issues in the child. A formal diagnosis can be conducted afterward upon the identification of the disability.

Trusted and Safe

We adhere to the globally accepted standards for providing a hygienic, safe and secure environment for the child’s growth and development.

Qualified professionals

The team of expert professionals are highly passionate and dedicated to childcare and possess the necessary skills to treat small children as well as behavioral problems of adolescents.

Innovative research for better childcare

Advanced research provides a plethora of options in the form of therapies to treat the child’s disability in a much better manner.

Newton CDC Babylon Jaipur : Child Development Center In Jaipur

Newton CDSC

Newton A long awaited well equipped multi disciplinary child development and support center for babies, childern and adolescents (Newborn to 18 Yrs of age) for their Holistic Development is now open at your doorstep.

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A developmental disabilities can be conquered
Newton CDC Babylon Jaipur : Child Development Center In Jaipur

Mission statement

Our mission is to bring a significant reduction in the rate of childhood disability through the application of novel and most advanced scientific initiatives in the field of childcare and development. Moreover, we also strive to empower parents by extending the necessary support and guidance that enhances their journey of parenting. We help in inculcating an exclusive feeling of parenthood among parents.

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Our vision is to achieve equality in society for all the children by offering them an equal opportunity for growth and development, irrespective of the individual disabilities of the children.

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Newton CDC Babylon Jaipur : Child Development Center In Jaipur
Newton CDC Babylon Jaipur : Child Development Center In Jaipur

Every child has a right to live a normal life

Our philosophy is to help and motivate specially-abled children to live a normal life by coping with their development disabilities and behavioral problems

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Just Act timely and reach the right person to get positive results.



Newton CDSC's goal is to create positive environment in the society for the holistic development of children with disabilities .we work for children with high risk disabilities ,provides them early intervention so that a child can achieve maximum potential .

  • Sensory Processing Disorder.
  • Balance, Coordination and Endurance.
  • Visual motor integration.
  • Play and social Skills.
  • Feeding and Oral motor skills.
  • Self-care.
  • Academic and Cognitive skills.
  • Developmental Delays.
Newton CDC Babylon Jaipur : Child Development Center In Jaipur
Developing compassion, growth and confidence in your child

Why Choose Us

At Newton CDSC, we are aware that early intervention can help children manage with developmental disabilities and behavioral issues. We possess rich experience in the field of child development and aims to develop a holistic environment for the children that supports the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the children. Our capacity-building programs enable the caretakers (parents) to understand the special needs of their child in a much better manner, thus enhancing the chances of timely identification of high-risk behavior in children.

The unmatched quality of our services in terms of special education, parental guidance workshops, behavior therapy, adolescent clinic, etc. are proving their significance in the form of a higher rate of improvement among children and adults. Moreover, our team of experienced professionals is working with full dedication to understand the problem of children and adults so that customized programs can be designed as per the individual requirements of children. Our team consists of :

ABA therapy specialists

clinical psychologists

Pediatric Orthopedician

Audiologist and Speech therapists


Pediatric neurologist

Pediatric physiotherapist



Special educator

Adolescent specialist

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Dedicated Team
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